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Arkady Kennels

Arkady Kennels is a Dogs NZ Accredited Kennel owned by Tracey's Tonkin's mother, Jenny Ryan, who works side by side with her daughter in breeding and showing dogs across NZ. 

Jenny's breeding philosophy is completely aligned with Kitaco, her pups receive all the same health testing and exceptional care, are raised alongside the Kitaco litters and new owners are covered by all the same benefits as owning a Kitaco puppy, including the re-homing guarantee and the full year of paid insurance included the purchase price.

Jenny also has an interest in Pomeranians and is the only NZ Accredited Pomeranian breeder in NZ.

Also known as "Jennifer Fallon," when she is not working towards breeding better Chihuahuas, Jenny is an international bestselling author, with more than 27 books in print who has been translated into 6 languages. She has written for Disney and a tie-in novel for the TV series Stargate, in addition to being published by some of the world's top publishers. She also works as an IT Consultant, where her work has taken her to Antarctica for 3 months, the remote outback in Australia and all over NZ. She also consults for several Wall Street firms in New York.

Because of Jenny's busy workload, Arkady breeds only sporadically, but when puppies are for sale, they will be listed here on the Kitaco site and made available through the Kitaco process and waiting list.

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