Our Breeding Philosophy - What Sets Us Apart

  • We believe all breeders should take responsibility for any dog they produce for its entire life. All our dogs come with a no questions asked return policy for the dog's entire life.

  • We believe in science over guesswork, and that healthy dogs are more important than winning dogs.

  • We understand that this is the 21st Century and that old school methods of "breed lots of dogs to see what we get" have been  replaced with science's much better understanding of diseases, genetic issues and even coat color.

  • We believe breeding is not successful or ethical without understanding basic genetics keeping up with the latest advancements in Canine Genetics and reproductive science. 

  • Because of the advances in DNA profiling, we believe all breeders should be work to eliminate conditions that cause Chihuahuas a lifetime of suffering and never breed from affected dogs.

  • We believe that each generation we breed they should be better than the one before and that "better breeding" means "healthier breeding",

  • We believe that Conformation Show judging is too subjective and flawed to offer a reliable measure of a dog's quality, so while we show our dogs (if they enjoy it) and strive to have them achieve  the title of "champion" it i not our reason for breeding and we will always err on the side of "healthy" over "winner".


Our goal is to have our dogs live longer and healthier lives. Hence you might pay a bit more for one of our pups up front, but we strive to have your Chihuahua's visits to the vet as few as possible in its lifetime.


We challenge other breeders to strive to the same standards in their breeding programs. 


We do NOT breed for tiny Chihuahuas or base our breeding program around the color of the dog. Breeding for Color is not productive since color plays little into the Chihuahuas basic health and structure. All colors of Chihuahuas are standard and accepted by AKC, none are rare, and the breed can range from 1 lb to 15lbs even with the most well-pedigreed dog. There is no such thing as a tea-cup, please do your homework on the cost of owning a 1-3 lb dog. 


Currently, we do the following and make results public:


  • We provide a puppy pack with food, toy, a blanket that smells like home, and a packet of all your essential health and contract paperwork. 

  • We health Check every pup at eight weeks with our Veterinarian and give you the results. 

  • We provide ONE MONTH FREE of Health Insurance. 

  • We start them on Revolution, for heartworm, fleas, and dewormings

  • We give 2 DHPP Vaccines before the puppy leaves us

  • We offer PRE-PAID AKC REUNITE MICROCHIP with every puppy

  • We offer PRE-PAID AKC registration with every puppy. 

  • We offer LIFETIME SUPPORT via social media or phone for any issues. 

  • We offer LIFETIME no questions asked the return of any dog we have bred. 

  • We offer LIFETIME health guarantee against congenital disabilities; most breeders provide 1-2 years. 

  • We publish all the health reports to the public even if they are NOT good; we link them on our dog's pages on this website also. 

  • We run inbreeding ratios on breedings before they happen to make sure we are keeping the highest genetic diversity possible in our program. This aids a breed over time by not doubling up on health issues. 

  • We are members of BRED with H.E.A.R.T. program with AKC always improving our education and understanding of dog breeding and genetics. 

  • We DNA coat color test our dogs to know we are making responsible breeding choices. 

  • We Embark DNA Health Test our dogs (still in process for some)  for over 160 + known health issues this includes if they carry a health problem. We have our dogs tested for the following common breed diseases.

    • Malignant Hyperthermia

    • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis

    • Progressive Retinal Atrophy - crd4/cord1

    • Progressive Retinal Atrophy - prcd

    • ​Spinocerebellar Ataxia with Myokymia and/or Seizures

  • O.F.A. Health Test all our dogs over one year of age for The following

    • Eyes

    • Patellas

    •  Heart

    • Degenerative Myelopathy

    • Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia

Can I show or breed from a Kitaco Chihuahua?


Yes. We will allow our dogs to be shown by approved owners but we only sell show dogs to people we have verified as being responsible owners/exhibitors. If we sell a show dog, we expect it to be shown and this will be part of the contract of sale.


If the dog is of superior show quality, it is more than likely will keep it ourselves as we are aiming to improve our lines.


We will not sell breeding stock unless you are an accredited breeder who can show a history of successful show/breeding lines. Be aware, also that dogs sold with unrestricted breeding rights cost considerably more than our normal dogs. Please contact us to discuss.


Kitaco Pets


All dogs sold as pets will go to approved owners, only. Any dogs sold as pets must be spayed or neutered, This is not negotiable. If the dogs were suitable for breeding, we would keep them or place them with another experienced breeder.


All our dogs, be they pet or show dog, come with a lifetime rehoming guarantee - in other words, if for any reason, you cannot care for your Kitaco Chihuahua, the dog can come back to us for rehoming.


This is not a buy-back, but a way of ensuring no Kitaco dog ever ends up in a shelter.


We generally do not sell dogs to people who are renting as this is the number one cause of dogs needing rehoming.


Can I use a Kitaco dog at stud?


Yes. To approved breeders only. Stud fees on application. Semen is also available for export.  Click here for details.


Under no circumstances can you use one of our studs to a pet bitch "just so the kids can see her have a litter" or to another breed to make a "designer" dog.


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