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Best and Reserve of Breed for the Kitaco Kids again at the Dogs NZ Cash, Sash & Kai Show

Team Kitaco had another great day at the National Dog Show Week. Today's Dogs NZ Cash, Sash & Kai show resulted in clean sweep with Niki taking Best of Breed and Narci taking Reserve Best of Breed.

We decided to rest Tara, who's had a big week for a little puppy and gave Kyrie a run out in the Puppy class, instead. She took 2nd in her class, although we do need to do some work on her ring craft. She thinks "good standing" means 2 legs. Standing on all fours is for wussies, apparently. I'm sure she would have done much better if it was a talent show...LOL.

King Spenny was not entered today. He's done what he came to Wellington to do.

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