Kitaco Milestone in Marvelous Marlborough - Our 3rd Champ this Year Earns her Title!

The weekend saw Team Kitaco on the road again, this time heading north for the Marlborough Kennel Association shows in Blenheim. A last minute change of plans (wee Wicket still needs tube feeding) meant one of us had to stay home, scratching Little Bit the Pom and Tracey hitting the road with our good friend, Alastiar Cliquot, from Team Nouveau, home of NZ's most fabulous Charlies and Griffons.

It also meant catching up with the amazing Amba Waghorn, who brought Bubbles and Duchess along to fill out the ranks of Team Kitaco and ensure hangovers were on the agenda, along with plenty of fun, oh, and maybe a dog show or two!

In the 1st show under NZ judge, Annette Kay O'Carroll, #DontTouchMeTara (Kitaco's Divine Miss T at Eldivino) took the Best of Breed over her daddy, Narci (GR CH, GR JNR CH, NZ CH Mystic Legion Narcissus), who took Reserve of Breed. They also took the Best Dog and Best Bitch CC, plus Best NZ Bred and Best Open of Breed respectively. Narci's other daughter, Bubbles (NZ CH Kitaco's Deevyne Inspiration), took the Reserve Bitch CC, and Best Junior of Breed while little Duchess (NZ CH Eldivino Rogue Trader at Kitaco) took Best Intermediate of Breed.

Delilah (NZ CH Maraschino Princes Ala) continues to impress in the Smooth Coats and took Reserve Best of Breed and the Best Bitch CC. Spencer (NZ CH El-Toro Rey Spencer) took the Reserve Dog and Best Intermediate of Breed.

Team Nouveau's Charlie, Bobby, and his Griffon also took Best of Breed in their events, so everyone was very pleased with their results, making it a very happy gazebo to have lunch in, while waiting for even better results to come in Show 2.

In the 2nd show, under Australian judge, John Palmer, Narci was awarded Best of Breed (Long Coat), the Best Dog CC and Best Open of Breed. Tara took the Best Bitch CC and Best NZ Bred of Breed, Little Duchess took the Reserve Bitch CC and Best Intermediate of Breed,

Spencer stepped up his game and took Best of Breed (Smooth Coat) and Best Intermediate of Breed while Delilah maintained her stranglehold on the Best Bitch CC.

And just to top off a great day, Alastair's delightful Charlie, Bobby, took Best of Group and then went on to win Best Open in Show! Go Team Nouveau!

Day 2 and it was back to the showgrounds to do it all again. under Australian judge, Susan Tringham. Narci continued his great form and took Best of Breed (Long Coat), the Best Dog CC and Best Open of Breed. Tara took the Best Bitch CC and Best NZ Bred of Breed, Her sister, Bubbles, took the Reserve Bitch CC and Best Junior of Breed while Duchess took Best Intermediate of Breed,

In the Smooth Coats, Delilah again took Reserve Best of Breed and the Best Bitch CC while Spencer took the Reserve Dog and Best Intermediate of Breed.

Narci then rounded out a great show with Best Open of Group but was knocked out by the Best in Show winner. Oh well.

Our weekend of great wins was topped off by an even more special event. Dogs NZ approval pending, #DontTouchMeTara is now, officially, a New Zealand Champion!

We are so delighted for her. Given Tara's very sweet - but decidedly introverted - personality, we wondered, at times, if we should even pursue a show career for her. No matter how beautifully constructed, there is no point in doing this, after all, if our dogs are not having fun, too. But with lots of confidence building, support, training and treats, she has now reached a point where she is not only comfortable being handled by judges but actually welcomes the attention, She shows like a little pro and has beaten her flashy father and her show-off sister several times on her way to making Champion.

It been a great year for Team Kitaco so far. Tara is our third Kitaco dog to earn their Champ title this year. Going to have to work hard to top that!


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