The Adorable Duchess Emma the Pom finally joins us

You may recall back in March, we blogged that the sweet and adorable Emma the Pom was joining Team Kitaco for a short stint, which we later - for various sensible reasons - decided to postpone.

We are delighted to announce that Emma (I Emma A Duchess From Tribble) has now joined us and is happily ensconced with our Chihuahuas and her little sister, Tabitha. She's rearing to go and ready to take the South Island Poms by storm, including Tabitha (aka Liddle Bit), who - thanks to a spectacular puppy moult - currently looks like a Cabochan monkey..

She'll be with us for the next few months (probably up until Nationals), after which we'll decide whether she stays her for a bit longer or goes home to her beloved breeder, Trish, of Tribble Kennels.

We have already started the process of spoiling her rotten, something Trish has expressed her concern about, given Emma was a bit of a princess before she got here, so treating her like a queen isn't going to help her diva tendancies one bit!


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