Finally! Welcome To Only The 2nd NZ Accredited Chihuahua Breeder!

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

We are so delighted to welcome Kathleen Lilleby and Amara Kennels to the Accredited Breeder's Scheme.

This makes Amara Kennels only the 2nd Chihuahua Breeder in NZ to join the scheme. We are thrilled for Kathleen and her beautiful dogs. Her breeding program, based around both the Kitaco lines and the fabulous imported sire from the top Cheeekychi Kennels in Australia, will bring some much needed diversity to the New Zealand gene pool.

It has long been a concern of ours that no other NZ breeders (particularly the newer breeders who don't have the of benefit 40 years experience and knowledge to fall back on like previous generations of breeders) have embraced the scheme, so to have Kathleen pass the exams and commit to the ethics and health testing required of an Accredited Breeder is fantastic.

The scheme is managed and monitored by Dogs NZ. The aim of the scheme is to:

  • Encourage the breeding of healthy well-adjusted puppies

  • Promote and recognize good breeding practices

  • Assist the puppy buying public to find responsible breeders

Besides being the ethical thing to do, joining the scheme will provide Kathleen with a reliable source of information on the health status of her dogs, allowing her to make informed breeding decisions.. It allowes analysis of pedigrees of a proposed mating for health strengths and weaknesses as well the traditional analysis of conformation, type, and performance and it ensures the puppy buying public know which breeders are declaring to follow good practice and health testing.

We acknoledge the scheme is imperfect in it's current form, but the changes coming will go a long way to addressing some of the teething problems the scheme has suffered from in the past.

In our minds, all our NZ Chihuahua breeders should belong the scheme. Here's hoping the other will follow our lead and get on board with it, so that all Chihuahuas bred in NZ have the benefit of ehtical breeding and health testing. It's not even that difficult to qualify All they need to do is pass two open book exams on genetics and nutrition, fulfill all the requirements of the ABS, agree to the Declarations on the website and then apply.

It's really isn't even a question of why a breeder should become accredited, it's more a question of why not?

The link to join the scheme is here.


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