4 Down, 19 more to go! Another breeder follows us into the Accredited Breeder Scheme!

UPDATE TO EARLIER POST! It's a positive tidal wave!

Thrilled to announce that not only Madrachi Chihuahuas, owner of the only other Mystic Legion dog in NZ but Amigoreal Chihuahua, has finally joined us in the Accreddited Breeder Scheme, too.

We have known Junell and Belinda since they first joined the show world several years ago and watched them evolve with great interest. We are flattered by how often they follow our lead, time and again, so it was inevitable that they would also follow us into the Accreddited Breeder Scheme, too.

It has been such a battle, being the only accredited breeder, as anyone who follows our Facebook page knows. We are constantly under attack by backyard breeders who are threatened by the idea of health testing and being open and responsible about their dogs' health. Madrachi, whose two lovely imported sires will now only be allowed to mate with other accreddited bitches, is going to accelerate bringing other breeders into the scheme. Amigoreal has finally acquired some genuinely good lines, too, and we are so pleased they have taken the step to be open about the health staus of their dogs, too

Can't wait to see what Junell produces under the Accredited Breeder banner once she finds herself a long coat bitch (breeder status under Dogs NZ rules requires one to actually own a bitch of the breed they are registered for - but that won't hold Junell back for long!) and how many others will join the scheme in order to avail themselves of her wonderful lines. Of course, she can always put her dogs to the Amigoreal dogs. The NZ lines would really benefit from such a diverse outcross.

So now we have Amara, Madrachi, Amigoreal and of course, Kitaco. Can't wait to see who is next, but to be honest, we won't be happy until everyone is accredited because if you care about the breed, you should be.


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