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Bittersweet Return of our Star Therapy Dog, Mexico

One of the most fulfilling things we have been able to do as breeders is work with organizations like Canine Friends and the NZ Chihuahua Rescue, in the supply of therapy dogs for elderly people who are often bereft when they lose their longtime fur companions, but their age makes it untenable to get a new puppy.

Fat Freddie is in such a placement, where he is an adored pet for a couple who lost their beloved dog a few years ago to old age. We sent them Freddie, who is now the King of Picton, known far and wide as he goes on his daily walks with his adoring fur-parents, who have to stop for frequently for locals and tourists alike, so they can have a pat.

There have been some issues with the placement. Apparently, Freddie prefers to be hand-fed his whitebait, but other than that...

Freddie is currently back with us while his fur mum and dad are in Australia visiting family, and it's been great to have him back for a while. He's enjoying hanging out with his Bros but we are pretty sure he can't wait to get back to Picton and be hand-fed his daily ration of whitebait again.

Our star Therapy Dog though, is Mexico. He is a certified Canine Companion Therapy dog and has done work in a Hospice with a lovely, elderly blind lady. His weekly visits had such an impact on her overall well-being that her son actually asked the staff what new treatment they were giving her, she had improved so much.

Sadly, COVID put an end to our hospice visits, but about a year ago we were contacted by the NZ Chihuahua Rescue to see if we could help two lovely old ladies in their nineties, who were missing their old dog so much, they were in distress. We suggested Mexico might like to help them and so, for the past year, he has been bringing them joy while they bring him all the cuddles he desires (which in Mexico's case is 24/7) and, so we learned, stir fry!

He has been coming back to us for grooming and regular checkups every 6 weeks or so, and the highlight of that was dropping him back to his Nanas and having a cup of tea with these two fabulous women who had the most amazing lives and were happy to share their memories with us. They always had homemade biscuits for us and insisted we take some with us when we left,

Mexico thought he had died and gone to heaven, we're certain. He split his time equally between their laps when he wasn't sunning himself in one of the many beds they had scattered around the house for his comfort. They cooked stir fry for him and supplied him with endless treats and love. Mexico could not have asked for more.

He was the perfect gentleman, never once cocking his leg on the furniture or having an accident inside, which is definitely not how he behaves around his bros in Chihuahua-land.

But all good things must come to an end and last week we were contacted by a family member to inform us that within days of each other, both these wonderful women had been admitted to hospital with serious health issues which meant they would not likely be returning to their lovely little townhouse where they cared for themselves and their beloved Mexico. They would be going into care and Mexico's job was done,

It was time for him to come home.

We adore Mexico and are thrilled to have him back, but so sad that he is returned to us under such circumstances, even though we knew, they knew and their family knew that this was always going to be a temporary arrangement, given their advanced age. Still, it's such a good feeling to know that our quirky little guy with his sticky-outie tongue and his weird curly coat and the absolute best temperament in the world, has brought such joy to two wonderful people who deserved every moment of happiness he gave them.


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