El-Toro - 2019 NZ Chihuahua Breeder of the Year

Congratulations to Bev Ward from El-Toro Kennels on winning the DogzOnline NZ Chihuahua Long Coat and Smooth Coat Breeder of the Year Competition.

Bev didn't just clean up in the Chihuahuas. She also came 2nd in NZ for the entire Toy Group and an impressive 15th across all breeds in the New Zealand Breeder of the Year.

And if that wasn;t enough, El-Toro dogs took out the Top Show Dog of the Year award in the Long Coats with NZ CH El-Toro Golden Boy and in the Smooth Coats with our very own Spenny, NZ CH El-Toro Rey Spencer.

Bev has been breeding top quality Chihuahuas since the 1970's. Her lines are the foundation for most other quality breeders in New Zealand. She has enjoyed great success in the show ring both in NZ and Australia, having bred multiple national champions, most recently the 2018 Best of Breed in the Long and the Smooth Coats, the 2019 Smooth Coat Best and Reserve of Breed winners and the 2019 Long Coat Reserve Best of Breed while the current Best of Breed Long Coat national champion, although carrying another kennel name, is a pup from one of her sires.

Her beautiful dogs are much sought after by new breeders hoping to emulate her success and we proudly count ourselves among those breeders. Not only do our Eldivino dogs all trace back to the El-Toro lines, we are fortunate to currently have 3 El-Toro dogs in our kennel: Spenny (NZ CH El-Toro Rey Spencer), T0by (El-Toro Tobias at Teddee) and sweet little Kayley (El-Toro Liv-N-Doll at Teddee). Toby has already produced some beautiful babies while Spenny is waiting for his ladylove, Delilah, to be in the mood.

The most exciting litter we have planned with El-Toro, though, is Kayley and Narci. This will be the first direct mating between the Crufts-winning Mystic Legion lines and the top NZ El-Toro lines. Pretty sure others will be quick to follow once they see what lovely pups these two outstanding lines can produce.

Well done, Bev, and well deserved.


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