Team Kitaco POM-alanche at CKA

Our visiting, honorary Team Kitaco Pomeranian, Chiquito (Ferona Won Special Edition (Imp Aus)) was the only Team Kitaco member competing this weekend due to work committments (curse those day job responsibilities!) that meant we couldn't field enough handlers to enter the full team. Given how hot and windy it was all weekend, I really don't think the Chihuahuas minded the break.

Not that Chiquito needed any help slaying the competition. He competed in the 150 Anniversay All-Breeds Shows at the CKA on Friday and Saturday and then the CTDS Toy shows on Sunday. Busy weekend with 6 shows all up and our boy took Best of Breed, Best Dog, Best Open of Breed and the Dog Challenge in all 6 shows.

Seriously, it was like there were no other Poms in the ring...

Will be so sorry to send this adorable little guy back home when he and Emma have finally connsumated their temporary union, although the rate she's going, that's not going to be any time soon.


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