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Our breeding philosophy is simple: 

Healthy, Happy Dogs that conform to the Breed Standard

We believe with the ability to DNA profile and rigorously health test our dogs, we can avoid the health problems plaguing the breed, such as patella, eye and heart problems, etc.


We are the first Chihuahua Breeder in New Zealand to utilise the concept of EBVs to assess all our breeding dogs and bitches. We are doing our best to reduce the incidence of luxating patellas, heart disease, hydrocephalus and cryptorchidism in our lines, using the latest EBV modelling. 

We understand that temperament is a heritable trait and track this with EBVs, but we also know that whether a pup is shy or confident, the best way to positively influence their underlying temperaments is to raise well-socialized, confident dogs. Our litters are socialized outside our home and have lots of interactions with the outside world before they leave us.  We work with a professional trainer and our pups are raised with all the noise and happy chaos of a family home around them as they grow. They are crate trained, in order to avoid stress when they travel.


We do not allow our dogs to leave our kennel before 12 weeks, however, if you have been approved to purchase a puppy, we encourage you and your family to regularly visit your puppy in our home to play and bond with your new family member before taking it to its forever home.

No dog is "perfect". They all have their quirks. Dogs selected for pet homing are treated exactly the same as our show and breeding stock.

All our dogs come with a "no questions asked" return policy, regardless of age. If circumstances change, for any reason, and you can no longer provide a home for your dog, it can be returned to Kitaco for rehoming.

Kitaco Kennels are the only Accredited Chihuahua breeders in NZ.

For further information about the scheme, the health testing and the ethics required to be a part of this scheme, check out the following links:


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Code Of Welfare
Rules And Regulations
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Health Test Info
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DNA Testing


All puppies under 20 weeks of age come with a full year's compressive Pet Plan Classic insurance policy, valued at $600.

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