About Dr Tracey Tonkin BVsc (Hons)


Tracey graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland in 2005. 


Following a close encounter with an angry bull on a remote cattle station in Central Australia as a student that put her in hospital in a back brace, with a broken arm and concussion, Tracey decided to specialise in small animal medicine. She has a particular interest in medical and diagnostic practice, ultrasound, and raw feeding.


She worked as a graduate at the Litchfield Veterinary Hospital in Darwin, Australia and spent many years at the Alice Springs Veterinary Clinic, where she worked her way up from an after-school position as the Kennel Hand while a high school student to Senior Vet and then Practice Manager in 2009, treating everything from goldfish to wedge-tailed eagles along the way. Tracey also worked with the native fauna as one of the vets for the Alice Springs Desert Park.


Since coming to Christchurch in 2010, Tracey worked at Total Vets in Gloucester St., before starting The Mobile Vet in North Canterbury in 2011.  Another run-in with a large animal (this time an overly-friendly horse), took Tracey out of the profession (it seemed for good) in 2012 and has left her, unfortunately, in addition to ongoing back issues from her first injury, suffering from the chronic illness, Fibromyalgia.



Following several years of treatment and pain management planning, Tracey has returned to limited practice and now consults at Tram Road Animal Services in Ohoka with Dr Meredith Barth and is currently undertaking a Masters Degree in clinical reproduction which includes comparative veterinary reproductive anatomy, physiology, and technology. As part of her studies, Tracey is working on an in-depth study of canine reproductive management.

Tracey is also the national Dogs NZ Breed Health Liaison Officer for the Chihuahua Breed in NZ. She also volunteers her clinical time to the NZ Chihuahua Rescue Trust as the Trust veterinarian.

She is available for regular vet services during clinic hours at Tram Road. As a show exhibitor and Dogs NZ Accredited breeder, she has a particular affinity for the show world and many of her clients are responsible show breeders. She is also insanely fond of puppies.


If you wish to contact Tracey, please email her at TraceyTheVet@gmail.com



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