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We are currently accepting applications for our next litters due from September 2021.

Please contact us via the puppy enquiry form below or call on +64 275 127 399

Currently Available

Kitaco is the home of NZ's finest Chihuahuas.

Our dogs are bred to the breed standard from carefully selected imported and local health-tested lines, screened closely to eliminate (as much as we can) genetic health problems, and backed up by a lifetime of both veterinary and breeder support. We produce show-quality pets for fabulous forever homes and in special cases, for elite show homes in NZ and beyond. 

Our puppy owners are special, too. They are caring, discerning, health-conscious Chihuahua lovers (and all-around awesome people) who have done their research and decided they are prepared to wait for the right fur family member to suit them and their circumstances. 

These are our gorgeous Kitaco puppies and their current availability. This status is subject to change as the pups mature, so check back often for updates, as a dog listed as unavailable now, may become available later on.  If you are after something specific, or not ready at this time, we are always happy to discuss your needs, when our next litters are planned and what you can expect when you bring a Kitaco Chihuahua into your family. Please note that we do not breed for colour, only good health, sound temperament and correct breed type.


We encourage prospective owners to visit us in person, meet our dogs, see how they are cared for, and be smothered in happy Chihuahua kisses from our amazing Kitaco pack, however, this is strictly by appointment only.


We strive to match the right puppy to the right owner, so please contact us or click on the Puppy Inquiry button below if you'd like to know more.

Not all Chihuahuas are lucky enough to come from responsible breeders.

The New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue trust works to rescue, re-home and rehabilitate unwanted  Chihuahuas throughout New Zealand.

We charge a 10% non-refundable fee to be added to our waiting list, which will be discounted from the puppy's final price. Wait-listed people are given first choice of any available puppies and will also be offered first refusal if an older dog becomes available.