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All our current puppies have found their forever homes. We will (hopefully) have pups available later this year. If you would like to be considered as a potential owner, please contact us via email at​ or text us on +64 275 127 399. In the meantime, please enjoy these shots of some of our previous litters.

Kitaco is currently part of a scientific study into the influences of early experiences on various outcomes for puppies, such as their behaviour, temperament, and relationship with their owners, being conducted by the La Trobe University Anthrozoology Research Group (ARG). New puppy owners will be asked to take part by completing a number of questionnaires for the first 2 years of their pup's life. For more information, click here.

Kitaco is the home of NZ's finest Chihuahuas

Our dogs are bred to the breed standard from carefully selected imported and local health-tested lines, screened closely to eliminate (as much as we can) genetic health problems, and backed up by a lifetime of both veterinary and breeder support. We produce show-quality pets for fabulous forever homes and in special cases, for elite show homes in NZ and beyond. 

We run inbreeding co-efficients to make sure we are keeping the highest genetic diversity possible in our program. We DNA coat colour test our dogs to eliminate diseases like Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia. We DNA test our dogs for known health issues. Our breeding dogs are hip scored to eliminate crippling hip issues than can affect Chihuahuas, such as Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.


Nobody ethical can guarantee that a dog will never develop a health issue later in life. Health issues are multifactorial and affected by countless environmental and lifestyle factors and even unknown genetic time-bombs lurking deep within the dog's DNA, over which a breeder has no control. We do, however, guarantee that we have done everything we reasonably can do, to ensure we are only breeding from healthy dogs with good temperaments.

Our puppy owners are special, too. They are caring, discerning, health-conscious Chihuahua lovers (and all-around awesome people) who have done their research and decided they are prepared to wait for the right fur family member to suit them and their circumstances. We are always happy to discuss your needs, when our next litters are planned and what you can expect when you bring a Kitaco Chihuahua into your family.


We encourage prospective owners to visit us in person, meet our dogs, see how they are cared for, and be smothered in happy Chihuahua kisses from our amazing Kitaco pack, however, this is strictly by appointment only.


We strive to match the right puppy to the right owner, so please contact us or click on the Puppy Inquiry button below if you'd like to know more.

When you collect your Kitaco puppy, what do you get?

  • We will have discussed with you prior to pick-up what sort of food you plan to feed your pup (kibble or raw) and will transition the pup over to your food before they leave us to avoid tummy upsets when they arrive (although a change of drinking water may still cause some issues).

  • We supply a Kitaco approved travel crate (airline approved if the pup is flying to their new home).

  • 4-5 wweks free insurance coverage with your choice of pet insurancer: Southern Cross or PD Insurance (through Dogs NZ)

  • Of course, we'll provide a toy, a blanket that smells like home, and a packet of all your essential health and contract paperwork.

  • We provide a harness and lead suitable for a tiny puppy and Julius Harness for when the pup gets bigger. Personalised name tags can be arranged.

  • The pup will have had 2 DHPP Vaccines before they leave us. We also start them on Revolution, for heartworm, fleas, and dewormings.

  •  Dog NZ registration and official pedigree papers.

  • We offer LIFETIME SUPPORT via social media or by phone for any issues you feel you need help or guidance with. Tracey can also confer with your local vet, if required, if any issues arise and your local vet doesn't understand Chihuahuas quite as well as Tracey does.

  • We offer a LIFETIME "no questions asked" return policy for any dog we have bred if you can no longer care for your dog.

  • Ongoing health-screening. We work hard to eliminate health problems, but no system is infallible and nature can throw us curve balls, any time it pleases. You will be asked, periodically, to get your vet to fill out a questionnaire on the health of your dog as it gets older, to allow us to develop a comprehensive database and hopefully unearth some of those hidden issues that normally a breeder never learns about when they just sell their pups and have no further interaction with their new owners.

We charge a $500 non-refundable fee to be added to our waiting list, which will be discounted from the puppy's final price. Wait-listed people are given first choice of any available puppies and will also be offered first refusal if an older dog becomes available. 

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