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Our Therapy Dogs


We are proud to be members of Canine Friends Pet Therapy, a New Zealand-wide network of people who share their friendly well behaved dogs with patients in hospitals and residents in rest homes and hospices. Pet therapy helps people in care who may be feeling isolated with a furry head cuddle on a lap, the touch of a dog's silky coat, someone to listen, reminders of happier times.


Our first Certified Therapy dog is retired Champion Eldivino Senor Mexico, who started his work in April 2018. We are so thrilled to be able to share the love of this most special Chihuahua with people in need.


We did, however, have to Photoshop the official bandanna onto him, as they don't have one small enough to fit him!




Fat Freddie is a very special pet boy who is currently on assignment as a full-time, live-in companion. His new best friend, whose elderly dog passed away recently, was missing her dog desperately, but not in a position to commit to taking on a new pup, so Freddie has stepped in to help fill the void.


It's a hard job, being spoiled rotten, treated like a king and not having to share toys with all those wretched puppies, but Freddie is coping well with the heavy workload of cuddles, walks and treats.

We're not sure when he'll be back, but we are sure he was born for this job.


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