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What is a Preservation Breeder?


The purpose of preservation breeding is to protect genetic diversity within a species,  preserve valuable genetic traits and protect the breed from fashionable "fads" that ultimately cause health issues and hinder the form and function of the breed.


An example of how "fashion" can harm a breed can be seen in the problems bred into modern German Shepherds (hip dysplasia), and the breathing problems in brachycephalic breeds like Pug, French and English Bulldogs.


This is the Bull Terrier from 100 years ago and the Bull Terrier today.











From the original standard of 1923 until today, the description of the general appearance of the Chihuahua hasnot changed: a graceful, alert, swift-moving little dog with saucy expression; compact, and with terrier-like qualities.


We breed to stay true to the original Chihuahua breed type. We breed for correct apple heads, sound construction which allows for swift and smooth movement and the brave "saucy" temperament Chihuahuas should display. 


We specifically aim to breed away from current poor breeding trends like "deer heads", high stepping movement (which indicates problems with the shoulder placement), tails that are abnormally high set or too long, and "designer breeds" like Pom-chis, Choodles and other trendy cross-breeds created purely to enrich their breeders, with no thought to the health consequences to the puppies or the breed as a whole, 


If you are interested in the science of preservation breeding, there is a very interesting article here from the Institute of Canine Biology.


AH Kennels have a fascinating chart showing the difference in the AKC Breed Standard between the 1940s and the 1990s. 


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