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Export from NZ

We have exported dogs to Australia and the Pacific Islands. We can arrange a full export service in addition to the purchase of a Kitaco dog, provided flights are operating to the required destination.  We work with Star Pet Travel to ensure our dogs arrive safe and sound to their ultimate destination.

Current costs to transport a dog Australia range from $3500 - $5000, depending on the destination (obviously this is not including the purchase price of the dog!).

Dogs must be over 1kg to fly internationally  which means they will usually stay with us for 12-14 weeks before they can travel.

There may be additional taxes, fees and/or import duties on arrival that are not calculated in this estimate.

Costs to other countries will be quoted on request.


If you are seeking a boy for show/stud purposes, frozen semen may prove to be an easier route than trying to import a puppy while so many border restrictions are in place. Please check our stud page for available studs.

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