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Older dogs available

In 2023, we will have a number of older a girls (ages 2.5 - 4) available.

We have a strict policy of only 2 litters per breeding bitch, which means some of our girls will be ready for their forever homes next year.

We give preference to exisiting Kitaco owners when we rehome a retired brood bitch, and many of our girls have gone to live their best lives with their kids in the fabulous homes we found for their babies.

Our aim, for these girls, is to find them the best homes ever, where they will be spoiled and loved for the remainder of their lives (which should be 10-15 years). They have done their job for us, so the least we can do for them, is ensure they get to spend the rest of their lives being treated as the truly wonderful pets they are.

Our retired girls come spayed and house trained (although a change of domicile might require some additional work until they get used to their new environment). We can also tell you exactly what sort of personality they have, as we know them so well, and can match them very well with the right owner. 

Price is on application, but they are less expensive than a puppy, as the purpose here it to place them well, not make a profit.

In the coming year, this might also be the only chance you have of getting a female from Kitaco. All our next litters might be boys (yikes!). As we are working hard to improve our lines, we need to bring some new girls into the breeding program to move forward, so any girls we breed in the immediate future are likely to stay with us so we can see how they develop and might not be available until they are almost a year old, even if we decide not to keep them.

If you wish to be considered as a home for one of our special girls, please email us at and tell us about the fabulous home you have waiting for one of our precious girls.

Not all Chihuahuas are lucky enough to come from responsible breeders.

The New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue trust works to rescue, re-home and rehabilitate unwanted  Chihuahuas throughout New Zealand.

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