Older dogs 

We currently have a retired show dog available for rehoming to a very special home where she will be adored and pampered for the wonderful princess she is.

We are in no hurry to part with Tara, so we are happy to wait until the right home comes along.


Tara is a  loving, beautiful, precious dog with a distinct personality that we know and understand very well and will only consider homes where we can be sure she will be happy.


If you are interested in offering a forever home to one of our retired show dogs, we are happy to discuss this with you and provide details and price when you contact us.


We also need to allow the dogs to meet any potential new family before deciding if they are the best place for them. As with our puppies, we go to great lengths to match the right dog to the right owner, so please contact us or click on the Enquiry button if you'd like to know more about these dogs or going on our Retired Rehoming waiting list.

Not all Chihuahuas are lucky enough to come from responsible breeders.

The New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue trust works to rescue, re-home and rehabilitate unwanted  Chihuahuas throughout New Zealand.

We donate $100 from the sale of each Kitaco pup to the NZCR


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