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Older dogs available

We currently have a gorgeous, 10 month old, desexed long coat boy available for adoption.

Trevor is sweet, cuddly and looking for his forever home. He was returned to us from his previous owner when his placement proved unsuitable, and now he's settled and ready to find a new family to love.

He is a little shy but very cuddly with the people he loves. He happily hangs out in the pack at home and loves playgroup every week, so he is fine with other dogs.

Don't know about cats... he's never met one, but many of our pups are living harmoniously with cats in their new homes. Trevor is also litterbox trained.

Given poor Trev has already had a bit of a tumultous time finding his forever home, we would prefer someone local (South Island at the very least), where we can ensure he is settling in well. It would also be good to meet him first before committing to him as we really want his next home to be his loving forever home.

Even though he looks like a smooth coat in the photos, at 10 months, Trevor's adult coat is starting to come in and shows promise of being a lot like his Grandpa, Narci. whose nickname is The Floof Goblin :)


Trevor's price is negotiable as the important thing here is to find him the right home. He comes fully vaccinated, neutered, with his own travel crate, Julius harness, blanket, toy and a lifetime rehoming guarantee.


Please contact us a or text Tracey on 0275127399 to make an appropriate time to call. 

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Not all Chihuahuas are lucky enough to come from responsible breeders.

The New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue trust works to rescue, re-home and rehabilitate unwanted  Chihuahuas throughout New Zealand.

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