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There's been a wedding in the family

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Kitaco Kennels are delighted to announce the joining in temporary matrimony of Greek & New Zealand Champion Mystic Legion Narcissus to New Zealand Champion Eldivino Senorita Nikita.

Father of the Bride, NZ Champion Eldivino Seville, gave the bride away. The Maid of Honor was Nikita's little sister, Eldivino Misty Karma at Kitaco. The Best Man was the bride's uncle, Loki.

The nasty rumors are sure to start soon, so let me assure you that the Maid of Honor, while she did growl at the Best Man a couple of times, only tried to bite him once. The Bride's brother, Mexico, was not in attendance as he on holiday in Nelson and has not, as Narci insists on telling everyone, been run out of town,

It is true, however, that the bride's other uncle, Freddie, was in no state to be photographed after stealing the treats and gorging himself on ,cream cheese and popcorn.

Also in attendance were Tracey and Jenny and Junior Handler extraordinaire, Charly Houtos.. Dace, our sometimes Security guard and favourite dog carer was in his room with the Labrador with his head phones on, pretending he wasn't related to anyone in this family.

We hope they have a long and happy marriage which we expect to last right up until Narci gets a whiff of Niki's sister in a month or so, after which, expect things to go downhill rapidly.

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