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Nikita steals the spotlight from Piff the Magic Dragon

Nikita's gig as the NZ version of Mr Piffles, The World’s Only Magic Performing Chihuahua™ has been causing a bit of a stir locally. We were invited to what we thought was a photo-shoot and promo gig for Piff the Magic Dragon yesterday, but it turned out the local reporters were only interested in the fact the Mr Piffles had a New Zealand understudy.

Forget the fact that Piff is a star of America's Got Talent, that Piff, Mr Piffles and his assistant Jade Simone, tour the world with his act, that they have a permanent gig in Las Vegas at the Flamingo with his own 2000 seat theatre... all the New Zealand reporters wanted to know was what it was like, working with our Nikita.

Every question they asked was about Nikita. Every photo they took had Nikita in it. After they finished interviewing Piff, they thanked him for coming, sent him away and kept taking photos of Niki.

Fortunately, John is used to being upstaged by Mr Piffles so he took it in his stride. It's hard to describe how wonderful and caring John and Jade are with our precious Niki on stage and when she is interacting with their scores of fans.

Possibly the best part of the Nikita's theatre career is the friends we have made during the shows. Nikita has all the dancers from the show before Piff's gig lining up for cuddles when they come off stage, the security staff at the venue treating us like royalty and standing invitation to visit John and Jade in Las Vegas.

Nice work if you can get it,

You can read the Stuff article here.

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