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Kitaco - Home of NZ's only Organic, Free Range Chihuahuas!

This is so funny. If you follow our blog you'll know Piff the Magic Dragon and his delightful assistant Jade Simone came to NZ for the World Busker's Festival, and Nikita filled in for Mr Piffles, The Worlds Only Magic Performing Chihuahua™.

Well, Jade and Piff paid us a visit while they were here, because they wanted to see the puppies and the rest of our Chihuahuas. They are keenly aware of Mr Piffles' advancing age and wanted to talk about a replacement, either from us, or if we could help them source a dog from a reputable breeder in the US. They also tried to buy Fifi for an obscene amount of money, but she is much too loved a pet for Kathleen and Rolf to part with her.

Anyway, we had a great visit. The dogs went nuts over Jade and Piff (our guys can spot a soft touch from 50 paces) and the puppies got lots of cuddles.

That night before the show, Piff was still raving about his visit to our "puppy farm".

Oh dear.

So we had to have a little discussion about how that's a really unfortunate term, but Piff was insistent that as he'd had to drive past farms to get to our place, we had no visible neighbours, and a couple of acres of garden around the house we, were, ipso facto, a farm, As we had lots of Chihuahuas, that made Chihuahua-land, by his reasoning, a Chihuahua farm. There wasn't time before the show to explain the uniquely NZ concept of a "lifestyle" block. He was still trying to get over the fact that Kiwis pronounce the word "Dad" as "dead",

Anyway, Jade got it immediately, but in Piff's mind, "farm" conjures up images of rolling green fields, fluffy white sheep and clear blue skies dotted with clouds, whereas the rest of us (including poor Jade) had quite a different picture in mind. The discussion was apparently still going on when they returned to Las Vegas, we discovered, when we tuned in to Piff's weekly podcast. He still thinks "farm" means all happiness and light, and Jade still can't explain why it's a bad word when talking about domestic pets.

Their compromise position (as you can hear in the very funny podcast as they talk about their NZ trip, weird interviews, bad waitresses, awesome salmon and being upstaged by Nikita) was to refer to Kitaco as Organic, Free Range Chihuahuas. We love this. It's also very funny listening to him - after all that talk of farms - to admit that there were actually only 12 Chihuahuas here (and even then, a couple were just visiting).

Anyway, the podcast is here if you want to listen to it. Piff has a regular weekly podcast that has a huge following from around the world so it's fun to get a shout out and to be known, henceforth, as NZ's only breeders of Organic, Free Range Chihuahuas.

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