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Announcing our new partnership with Distripets NZ

We are delighted to announce that Kitaco Kennels and Distripets NZ are now working in partnership.

Distripet NZ Ltd is a wholesale company supplying dog products to retailers, veterinary clinics, welfare organisations and other dog related businesses who takes pride in working with equally passionate businesses, so we think this is going to be a great partnership. With more than 25yrs experience in the pet industry (dog training and distribution) in both Europe and New Zealand, Distripet has built a wide network with great manufactures and suppliers. They only bring innovative and high quality products to the New Zealand and Australian markets and we are delighted to .be a part of their journey. But they're not just suppliers of great pet products. They also generously support dog related organisations like the NZ Chihuahua Rescue and the Dominion Chihuahua Club by offering special deals for fund raisers and events.

Check our their great online store here.

They will be supplying all our collars and leads in future for our puppies and many other top quality products.

Of course, the Kitaco kids will be modelling the fabulous Distripet wares every chance they get. In his very first modelling gig, 10 week old Junior is wearing the Disripets comfortable rolled leather collar that comes with a matching lead and is available in several different colours.


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