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Team Kitaco Shines Against Some Tough Competition at the DCC speciality show

We had a great day at the Dominion Chihuahua Club specialty show, where the whole team (even the retirees) came out for a run. Held in the delightful, cosy little Ohoka village hall, a venue positively dripping in NZ country charm and history, the show was judged by NZ judge Heather Tee.

Highlights of the day were Junior, in his very first show, taking Baby Puppy in Show. Jade took Baby Puppy Bitch. Our Kitaco bred #DontTouchMeTara blew us away by taking Best Junior in Show up against the fabulous Misty Meadows smooth coat just arrived in New Zealand. Delilah charmed her way into beating Narci to take Best Open in Show, and to top it all off, our wonderful Spenny (Benny) took Best Intermediate in Show and RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!

Full results for Team Kitaco:

  • Junior (Kitaco's Dragonborn) - Best Baby Puppy in Show, Best Baby Puppy of Breed

  • Jade (Kitaco's Vegas Show Girl) - Best Baby Puppy Bitch

  • Spencer (NZ CH El-Toro Rey Spencer) - Reserve Best in Show, Best Intermediate in Show, Best of Breed.

  • Tara (NZ CH Kitaco's Divine Miss T at Eldivino) - Best Junior in Show, Best Junior of Breed

  • Misty NZ CH (Eldivino Misty Kharma at Kitaco) - Best Intermediate of Breed, Reserve Bitch

  • Fifi (NZ CH Eldivino Phoenix Rising at Kitaco) - 2nd Place, NZ Bred of Breed

  • Nikita (NZ CH Eldivino Senorita Nikita) - 3rd Place, NZ Bred of Breed

  • Mexico (NZ CH Senor Mexico) - 3rd place, NZ Bred of Breed

  • Taco (Gemchi Yum Yum Taco) - 2nd place, NZ Bred of Breed

  • Delilah (NZ CH Marschino Princess Ala) - Best Open in Show, Best Open of Breed

  • Kyrie (CN CH Kitaco's Valkyrie Warrior) - Best Open Bitch

Watch the show below

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