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The Loki Lament...

This is Loki, our very first Chihuahua, still magnificent, healthy and our first love at almost 10 years old. His brother is a Champion and he is the uncle of our beloved Nikita, but he was pet homed by his reponsible breeder because, like many in his line, he was cryptorchid. He was neutered at 6 months and has lived (and will continue to live) a wonderfully healthy life as our adored pet ever since. While we often lament the fact he never hit the show ring as he would have been truly stunning exhibitor and arguably better than his highly decorated littermate, we have never regretted giving him the chance of good health over a cheap ribbon and a few fleeting moments of glory.

We are often asked why we pet-home the cryptorchid dogs we have produced, even though, like Loki, some have been stunning examples of the breed (Tara's brother Baron, for example). This is why:

We want to eradicate this condition from our lines as much as possible. We want to breed dogs like Loki and be able to show them, because they are whole and healthy and everything the breed should be in coformation and temperament. But the evidence that this condition is likely to be genetic has been around for a very long time and all the wishful thinking in the world is not going to change that.

Can't wait for science to finally isolate the genes responsible so we can test for it. At present, our only remedy is to cut affected dogs from our breeding lines, but we have no way of telling which bitches also carry the genes responsible for the condition.

It's a hard call sometimes, but the health of our dogs will be better for it, and it's inconceivable to us how any responsible breeder could consider breeding from a dog with a genetic fault that leads to testicular cancer and a shortened lifespan for their pups.

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