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5 Myths about Boy v Girl Chihuahuas Explained

We have as many males as we do females in our home, and have come to realise that many of the common truisms about male versus female dogs, simply aren't true.

All our pets are neutered males and the sookiest and cuddliest of them all are the intact stud boys. Our main therapy dog is Mexico. If we do a "meet and greet" we take "The Black Street Boys"

The girls, however, we often refer to as "The Heathers". "Don't Touch Me Tara's" nickname is not in the least bit ironic. Nikita rules the pack. Kyrie hides around corners and ambushes the boys for fun.

Don't make the mistake of believing female Chihuahuas are the "fairer" sex. Chihuahua girls are little she-wolves, not Little Women.


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