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Another Team Kitaco Champion emerges from Nelson

The Team Kitaco Chihuahuas had a fantastic weekend at the Nelson DIstrict Kennel Asociation Shows.

Our team of three, Toby (El-Toro Tobias at Teddee), Duchess (Eldivino Rogue Trader at Kitaco) and little Alice (Kitaco Jappy Jalapeno) achieved some great results against some stiff compeition.

Duchess, in her inimitable style, took Best Open of Breed in all three shows.

Alice, in her very first shows in the Puppy Class took Best Puppy of Breed in all three shows, Reserve Best Bitch in 2 of the shows and in the PM show on Saturday, took her very first Best Bitch CC. We are so thrilled that our little girls is showing so well, and that her wonderful construction, temperament and breed type is already catching judges' eyes, despite being in the middle of the "uglies" as she goes through her coat changeover.

Star of the weekend however was Toby, who took Best NZ Bred of Breed 3 times, 1 Reserve Best Dog, 2 Best Dog CCs, 1 Best of Breed and 1 Reserve Best of Breed. We are also thrilled to announce that he is now (Dogs NZ approval pending) a qualified champion and will in future be known as NZ CH El-Toro Tobias at Teddee.

Thanks so much to Amba and her team of exceptional handlers, especially Wolfe and Tania. They did a great job helping Amba out with the team..

Exciting week coming up too, with Astro and Sampson arriving, and little Alice coming home for some shows closer to home. We have Gore next weekend and Dunedin after that, and an always welcome visit from Amba. Might have to steal Toby back off her for a few shows down here . Little man's on fire, right now. It would be a shame not to let him blaze...LOL.


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