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Even COVID can't keep this new Champion down

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Bramver's Twilight (Imp Japan), AKA, Flint or Flinty McGinty, or just McGinty, came to us in late 2019. He was sent up from Invercargill by his owner, Tanith Robb, who had been unable to get to any shows since importing this little stunner from one of the top kennels in Japan. The plan was that we would show him for her, as we are able to get to more shows given our geographical location and our tendency to enter anything that remotely looks like a dog show,

Thinking we had all the time in the world (remember those languid, golden days back before anybody had heard of COVID?) we didn't rush him, but let him settle into our pack, and naively predicted to Tanith that by March, McGinty should be settled enough, and confident enough in us as his people, that we could show him off to his best advantage.

Talk about famous last words. By March, the 2020 Lockdown had arrived and pretty much every show in NZ was cancelled for almost the rest of the year. McGinty settled in alright, not as a show prospect, but rather a pampered pet. It was during this time that we fell in love with Flinty McGinty - so much so, that we decided to make Tanith an offer for him, which she thankfully accepted and McGinty became ours in 2021.

There was still the matter of exhibiting him, however, as we were anxious to show New Zealand our gorgeous little Japanese import, who besides being a stunner in his own right, also happens to be the son of the amazing 2014 Westminster Best of Breed winner INT CH, JP CH, AM CH, THA CH, CRC CH, MDA CH, PHI CH, SWE CH Bramver's Royal Tuxedo,

So at the start of 2021 (literally, it was on January 2nd) we entered McGinty into his first NZ open shows. There were 4 shows that weekend. He took two Best of Breeds and 2 Reserve Best of Breeds.

After that, there was no stopping him. Despite the reduced number of shows because of COVID, in the next few months, in addition to earning his required NZ Championship points (by February 6th, if you don't mind!), McGinty took 4 Best Intermediate of Group titles, 2 Best in Group titles, a Best Intermediate in Show (All Breeds) and another Best Intermediate in Show (Specialty).

We have had so much fun showing McGinty and so much positive feedback about him from so many judges who are just blown away by his quality (and that amazing coat) and even had judges ask where he is when we've turned up to a show without him! We are so proud of this perky little guy. It took him only 9 shows to earn his NZ Champion title (who says COVID is making it hard to title a dog?) which was finally confirmed by Dogs NZ this week.

Mind you, it would have been confirmed back in February if Tracey hadn't put his Champion Certificates in a "safe place" which she then couldn't recall for about 6 months!

So we are delighted to introduce, officially, NZ CH Bramver's Twilight (Imp Japan). We can't wait for this current lockdown to be over so we can get back to showing him. He loves strutting his stuff in the ring and he loves being at shows.

In fact, the only thing he doesn't love is Narci when there is a bitch in season, but that's another story, LOL.


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