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Lookout - here comes the Balrtrop Branch of Team Kitaco

A great weekend at the Ellesmere shows in Christchurch this weekend. Team Kitaco did us proud with both Tinky and Ben taking group wins.

Day one belonged to the Barltrop branch of Team Kitaco, where Tinky outdid the whole team, winning Best Neuter of Breed and then going on to win Best Neuter of Group.

Ben and Ava won Reserve Best Dog and Bitch, while little Serena took another Best Puppy of Breed.

But the real thrill for Team Kitaco came in the Junior Handlers Heats when Deb's granddaughter, 8-year-old Shelby, in her very first official Junior Handler outing, placed 2nd in her age class. For a child who has only ever walked a dog in the stakes at a Ribbon Parade before, she did an amazing job, showing Tinky with great aplomb. So proud of both of them and very excited at the prospect of a new junior handler on the team. Can't wait to see how she develops in the future. And better yet - Deb has another granddaughter at home who is likely to be in the ring soon too. Look out for the Barltrop sisters!

Day 2 the whole team put their best foot forward. Ava took Best of Breed, Best Bitch and Best Open of Breed, Serena took Best Puppy of Breed again and the Reserve Best Bitch CC which was amazing in such a strong lineup, and Ben took Best Dog, Reserve Best of Breed and his 16th Best Intermediate of Group!

Thanks to the Ellesmere Committee for some great shows and to the Young Junior Handler people for their great prizes and encouragement for our up and coming handlers.


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