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Our "Stalker" litter is here

Our year got off to a somewhat unexpected start when a week earlier than planned, New Years Day brought us - thanks to our legendary team of puppy revivers - four beautiful babies from our darling Chloe (Gemchi White Cloud) and the always-keen-to-be-a-stud, Toby (El-Toro Tobias at Teddee). They weren't due until the 6th of Jan, so their early arrival was more than a little fraught, but mother and babies are fine, despite their shaky start.

We have 2 lovely girls and 2 lovely boys . In addition to being premmies, the other issue we have is that they are identical - white with a hint of champagne - just like their parents. We've had to tag them with different colours to tell them apart. What a delightful problem to have.

Their pet names (for now) are Red Girl, Green Boy, etc., LOL. The Stalker litter's pedigree names should be (pending Dogs NZ approval, of course) Kitaco's Every Move You Make, Kitaco's Every Breath You Take, Kitaco's Every Smile You Fake and Kitaco's I'll be Watching You.

Why the Stalker litter? Well, it was Andy Summer's birthday in the UK the day they were born and we're big fans of The Police, so we thought it would be fun to name this litter in honour of the people who spend an inordinate amount of time and money trying to copy every move we make.

Mother and babies are doing great. We'll post photos soon, but in the meantime, enjoy Sting, Andy, and Stewart performing their iconic stalker anthem.


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