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Team Kitaco's Wonderful Weekend Wins

Our Chihuahuas were kept very busy this weekend with shows in the North Island and the South Island. Both events had huge numbers, so our kids really had to pull out all the stops to achieve anything at all, against a very strong field, at the North Island Shows in particular.

Our Handler Extraordinaire, Amba Waghorn, took some of the team across the Straits to the North Island and the Manawatu Shows at Levin on Saturday where Alice (Kitaco Jappy Jalapeno) took MInor Puppy of Breed in both shows, while Toby (El-Toro Tobias at Teddee) took NZ Bred of Breed.

On Sunday, at the Kapa-Manu Shows, Toby took NZ Bred of Breed in Show 1 and then finished brilliantly with Best Dog, the Dog CC and Reserve Best of Breed in Show 2. Little Alice took Minor Puppy of Breed in both shows, again, as well as the Reserve Best Bitch placing, which is brilliant for a scrappy puppy going through the dreaded "uglies".

In the South Island, the rest of the team (including the pets and the retirees) loaded up for the Dominion Chihuahua Club Inc Ribbon Parade.

With 35 dogs entered, it was a huge day. Toby's adorable little sister, Kaley, took Best on Parade, Best Junior on Parade and Best of Breed, while our honorary Team Kitaco member, Ren (Salinacruz Renaisance) proved how brave he is now, taking Reserve Best on Parade and Reserve Best of Breed. Our gorgoues old pet boy, Loki, took Best Open of Breed as well.

Team Kitaco then cleaned up in the Champion Stakes with Narci (GR CH, GR JNR CH, NZ CH Mystic Legion Narcissus) taking Best Champion, Delilah (NZ CH Maraschino Princess Ala) coming in second and Nikita (NZ CH Eldivino Senorita Nikita) taking 3rd place.

Last but not least, Kyrie's praying trick finally paid off. Normally - and embarassingly - she does it in the ring during competition. All the other puppers will be standing there in a beautiful stack, like good dogs and she's on her hind legs showing off her trick. She came in third in the Best Trick stakes after the dog who legit plays soccer like a pro, and the cutie who could roll over on command.

As show season ramps us, hopefully we'll have lots more good news to report. The Nelson shows are on next week, so Amba will be in full force, followed by our big trek down to Gore so Ren can visit his mum the week after. Hope we do well, but really... will any win top 3rd place in the Best Trick stakes? We think not :)


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