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Welcome to the World, Shelby❤️❤️

As if our Reserve Best in Show and Puppy in Show on Saturday weren't joyful enough, the universe chose the Saturday to deliver us a gorgeous solo baby, Shelby, daughter of Kyrie (NZ CH Kitaco's Valkyrie Warrrior) and Salinacruz Renaissance (Ren).

Shelby wasn't always a solo baby. Early scans indicated 2 pups on board. Then Shelby decided to eat her twin in-utero at about the 5 week mark to give herself some more elbow room. Hope that's not a sign of things to come, LOL.

If we overlook the fact that she is probably the evil twin, Shelby is a beautiful fawn-sable like her daddy. She is healthy and happy with a good birth weight and is already gaining steadily. Despite dramatically going through her entire pregnancy as if she had a litter of 10 on board, Kyrie is proving to be a fabulous and attentive mum who is besotted with her baby and has enough milk to feed 10 puppies. Shelby is going to be a real chubber, very soon, we fear, given she's the only one at the milkbar.

Shelby's forever family are thrilled when we told them she'd arrived (there were tears, we believe) and will be watching her progress as closely as we are. They also chose her name, which we think is fabulous.

Suffice to say she is not available.


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