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Zoey Zooms Ahead in Oamaru

Off to the Steam Punk capital of the world this weekend for the North Otago Kennel Association shows in Oamaru, where our star for the weekend was the adorable Zoey who managed to take her very first Championship Point.

Zoey is one of our beautiful pets who is in her forever home with her Fur Mum, Haley. But she's a sparky little sprocket, and so beautiful, and Haley wanted to learn about dog shows so we said, why not?

Great plan, we thought until an inconsiderate judge - in only her second show - gave Zozo a real fright by approaching her too quickly. Zoey, quite reasonably, disapproved mightily of this behaviour and decided that in future she should express her displeasure - to all judges - who she also decided (rather awkwardly) were probably edible and welcomed the opportunity to put her theory to the test.

It's taken a few weeks, lots of love, copious treats, regular show training and plenty of support from Team Kitaco and our friends in the wider show world, but Zoey has finally relented and decided that maybe judges are OK after all. We've been very careful to manage her re-entry into shows so that she has the best experience possible. She and Haley have been with us at all the shows lately, having fun hanging with the show team and soaking up the vibes and it's proved to be exactly what Zozo needed. It also helped that the judges at Oamaru (Jocelyn Croad and Simon Mills) were wonderful with her and very gentle. She sailed through the whole experience, taking Reserve Bitch to her cheeky little sister, Serena, on Day 1 and taking Best Bitch, the Bitch CC, Best Junior of Breed and Reserve of Breed on Day 2!

Marsha the Marshmallow also had her show debut this weekend. She did wonderfully for such a tiny dog in such a big world, but her two big sisters, Serena and Zoey, ended up taking the honours.

Ben took Best of Breed in both shows and yet another Best Intermediate of Group on Day 2 and was run for the Best in Group. Not to be outdone, his nana, Nikita, managed to take the Best Neuter in Group in both shows!

Rounding out our great weekend was Serena who took Best Baby Puppy in both shows, Best Bitch and Reserve of Breed on Day 1, Reserve Best Bitch on Day 2 and came sooo close to taking the group on Day 1, that the judge, (after awarding the group to the puppy who eventually won Baby Puppy in Show) came up to us as we were leaving the ring to say "that was the hardest decision I've had to make all weekend because that is a really lovely Chihuahua".

Thanks to the committee for some great shows, and for having such short grass! Can't say enough thank you's to Haley for all her help this weekend, and we are so thrilled that her dedication to ensuring Zoey has a great time in the ring is starting to pay off. We think Zozo has a very bright future and it's great to see the bond she has with Haley. It truly is a joy to behold and one of the greatest things a breeder hopes for when we let our puppies go, that they will find a home where they are loved as much as we love them.


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