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No, you didn't buy a Kitaco Chihuahua from a pet shop

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

It has come to our attention that some unscrupulous pet shops in New Zealand are claiming the puppies they sell (not Chihuahuas that we know of, but other breeds) are from registered NZKC breeders who had a litter they didn't want to register.

A bulldog breeder recently received a call from a new owner who bought their pup from Nicholls Pet Shop in Dunedin, wanting details of the dog's parents. Turned out the pet shop staff had given this reputable, registered NZKC breeder's name to the owners, rather than the unregistered backyard breeder they'd actually bought the litter from, to make it look more legit. She hadn't bred the litter, didn't know about the litter, nor had anything to do with it or the sire and dam.

I believe there is legal action pending over this, but we just want reiterate that no Kitaco Chihuahua will ever be sold through a pet shop. If you ever find a shop claiming this is where their litter came from, please let us know, asap. Not only is this fraud on the part of the pet shop, but all our dogs are sold with contracts and a re-homing guarantee to approved owners who we have personally checked out.

If you are thinking of buying any breed of dog from a pet shop, ask for the breeder's contact details BEFORE you purchase the dog and contact the breeder to make sure what the pet shop is telling is the truth.

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