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Announcing Mexico's retirement from the show ring

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Well, it finally happened. NZ Champion Eldivino Senor Mexico is now officially a "pet". He can still enter specialty shows as a Neutered Dog, but his All Breeds showing days are over.

We originally got Mexico as companion for his sister, Nikita. Despite a fabulous personality, he was a truly ugly puppy with no show potential at all (or so it seemed). At about 5 months, he miraculously blossomed into an actual Chihuahua and started to develop some very nice breed type, despite his crazy (almost) curly coat and signature "side tongue". We changed him to the show register when he was 6 months old in 2015 and decided to show him, just for fun, although there was nothing "fun" about grooming that coat into submission before each show...LOL.

Mexico took Puppy of Group in his first 2 shows. He went on to take a Best Puppy in Show at the 2015 Wanganuui Toy Show in Wellington, racked up several other Group wins, a Best NZ Bred in Show in 2016, collected 27 CC's along the way and got refused twice because of that damned (and adorable) side tongue.

He has been handled by so many nervous child handlers trying out dog showing for the first time, because of his sweet, reliable nature and won over scores of skeptics to the delights of owning a Chihuahua. We have a list of about 12 people who'd like me to "re-home" him at their place, right now.

Never gonna happen. Love this little guy to pieces. He is truly the best ambassador of the breed you could ask for. He is what a Chihuahua should be. Fortunately, his lines live on in his niece, Kyrie.

Just waiting now to get our application processed for him to become a Canine Companion animal so he can start visiting retirement homes in the new year where he can continue to bring joy and unconditional love to everyone he meets for many years to come.

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