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Mexico the Working Dog

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

You may recall that we announced a few weeks ago that Mexico had joined Canine Friends as a Therapy Dog.

Well, he has commenced his job, visiting the Homestead Ilam Home & Hospital. Having discovered his job is simply to be cute and let someone give him chest rubs for two hours, he has taken very well to being a working dog. As you can see by the photo, he is giving it his all

We are so proud of this little guy. Our precious "unicorn" is such a special boy. His calm and loving personality make him uniquely suited for this type of tactile work, as he will happily sit still for hours without any need for restraint, provided he is getting pats and the occasional treat.

Mexico's new special friend - a lovely resident who is blind and bedridden - now spend quality time together each week. A gentle nudge with his paw is all it takes to remind his new friend that he didn't say she could stop dishing out the love. Her smile when she hears he has arrived brightens everyone's day

There is no show ring award any of our dogs have ever won that bring us anywhere near the joy we feel seeing our beloved Mexico bring such happiness to someone in need. I urge anyone with a dog whose temperament lends itself to this sort of work to become involved in Canine Friends. It is definitely worth it.

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