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Kitaco kids shine in Nelson Ribbon Parades too!

While Kyrie and the Kitaco team were making their mark in Christchurch, up in the unofficial Nelson branch office of Kitaco Kennels at the top of the South Island, even more Kitaco kids were doing just as well at the Nelson District Kennel Association All-Breeds Ribbon Parades, in the capable hands of the always fabulous Amba Waghorn.

Duchess Dinky Doll was the star of the team, taking Reserve of Group in show one, and then topping that with a Best of Group in show two. Believe it or not, our girl then went on to take Reserve on Parade!

Tara's sister, Baroness Bambina Bubblegum charmed everyone in her very first show. Despite her impressive display of her inner kangaroo, she still managed Best of Group in show one and Reserve of Group in show two. By the end of the day, she was starting to get the idea of walking and having fun at shows, which was the main thing!

Last , but not least was our beloved veteran, WInkles, who came out of retirement to strut his stuff and show the girls how its done. He brought home a respectable Reserve Veteran in the Veteran Stakes,

Grass was pretty wet but nice and short, had a great day!

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