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Best of Breed Trifecta for Team Kitaco in Waimate

Team Kitaco aced it on Saturday, with all three of our Kitaco Kids taking their Best of Breeds under International All-Breeds Judge, Pam Douglas, in Show 1 at the Waimate Kennel Society Show.

First up was our little superstar, Kyrie (Kitaco's Valkyrie Warrior), who easily beat out the rest of the field in the Long Coats. Then our NZ National BOB winner, Spenny (NZ CH El-Toro Rey Spencer) took the BOB in the Smooths (not surprisingly). Lastly, "The Floofinator"(Here Comes Truble Frm Tribble) - who gave us a mild panic attack when we discovered she had been entered in error as a Chihuahua (NOT BY US!) - rounded out the trifecta by taking BOB in the Pomeranians.

We had originally entered Tara (Kitaco's Divine Miss T at Eldivino) also, but she had a dental last week so we decided to give her the weekend off. Given the awful conditions, I'm pretty sure she's very grateful for that.

We scratched all our dogs from the 2nd show completely and took our fur babies home in the nice warm car. The grounds were underwater, the rain was bucketing down with no sign of letting up, the Met Bureau had issued a weather warning and after much discussion, we decided it was a welfare issue. No win (however predictable) is worth dragging a tiny dog through the mud, the cold, the wind and the rain (particularly a baby puppy on their first show weekend). Kudos to the die-hards who toughed it out when the show wasn't cancelled. I'm sure the Labradors and the water breeds loved it. Toy breeds... not so much.

Never mind. Plenty of other shows where our dogs can have fun. Pretty sure nothing about showing in such appalling conditions today was fun for any toy dog.

Saturday, however? That was awesome!

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