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Team Kitaco ends the year on a high - 5 out of 6 Best of Breeds and a Reserve

The last shows of the year in NZ's South Island were held this weekend hosted by the Canterbury Junior Kennel Society in Christchurch.

Team Kitaco comprised Kyrie (Kitaco's Valkyrie Warrior), Fifi (NZ CH Eldivino Phoenix Rising at Kitaco), Spencer (NZ CH El-Toro Rey Spencer) and of course, The Floofinator (Here Cmes Truble Frm Tribble).

The Floof took Best of Breed for the Pomeranian, but was taken in the Group by the spectacular Lowchen puppy who, along with the stunning baby Bichon, Bradly Cooper (seriously), will give Brydie a really tough field to compete against in the new year.

Spencer continues to dominate the Smooth Coat ranks taking Best of Breed in both shows. Great to see him maturing into a fabulous little dog and a great example of the breed.

Kyrie and Fifi each took a Bitch CC, with Kyrie's perfect 6x6 scissor bite and fabulous movement rewarded with Best of Breed on Saturday. Her Auntie Fifi took the Best Bitch on Sunday and then Reserve of Breed, with Kyrie taking a predictable win in her last puppy show for Puppy in Breed as well as the Reserve Bitch CC.

Kyrie also helped out as test specimen for upcoming judge Carrie Tolley, doing her practical exam. So pleased she passed with flying colours and Kyrie was able to help.

Highlight of the weekend was not our Breed wins, however. We had the absolute pleasure of meeting an old retired judge and Pomeranian breeder, and his partner, who had come out to the show as spectators. They were utterly enchanted by Brydie and after going over her with a very experienced hands, Jeff declared her an almost perfect specimen of her breed. He also introduced us to some other experienced Pom people lurking around the ring that we didn't know about so know we have some local assistance to call on, in addition to Brydie's wonderful breeder, Trish Tribble from Tribble Kennels.

There are some crazy, psycho people in the dog show world who will do anything (including cheating) to win. But when you meet the genuine, ethical people, who clearly love their breeds and seek to improve their lines honestly, with their knowledge and expertise, it is an utter delight to spend time with them and learn from their experience.

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