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Ringing in the New Year with... PUPPIES!

It is our great pleasure to announce our very first litter of the year.

Chloe (Gemchi White Cloud) and Poco (NZ CH Eldivino Hocus Pocus) have given us 3 stunning, healthy boys, born on January 2, 2019.

They were delivered by C-section late in the evening by our awesome veterinary team, Tracey and Meredith, with Jenny and Taylor helping with the puppy catching. All the pups are strong, gorgeous and thriving,

Chloe is a wonderful mother and has come through her confinement with flying colors. In honor of the Irish markings on 2 of the pups we have dubbed them Seamus (the red and white sable, Connor (the tri-color with the white spot) and Ciaran (the black and tan).

They will be known as the "Little White Lie Litter" which is an in-house joke that all those in on the prank will appreciate. Also, TJ is no longer grounded and yes, Jenny has agreed that she was right.

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