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Our Dr Tracey Tonkin accepted into prestigious Massey Veterinary Clinical Reproduction Masters Degre

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

We are delighted to announce that our very own Dr Tracey Tonkin BVSc (Hons) has been accepted into the prestigious 2019 Massey University Master of Veterinary Medicine - Veterinary Clinical Reproduction and Fertility program.

Along with Dr Meredith Barth and Dr Dawne Nairn, Tracey will be undertaking an advanced course on clinical reproduction which includes comparative veterinary reproductive anatomy, physiology, and technology. As part of their studies, Meredith, Dawne and Tracey will work on an in-depth study of reproductive management in their nominated elective species - Feline for Meredith, Equine for Dawne and Canine for Tracey.

Thanks so much for all the support from her clients and the breeders she works with. Like us, they are so thrilled for Tracey and that she is able to follow her passion, particularly after the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia threatened to derail her veterinary career completely a few years ago.

The support of Dr Meredith Barth and the wonderful crew at the Tram Road clinic has made it possible for Tracey to not only continue to work as a vet, but to pursue specialist qualifications in her particular area of interest so she can continue her work preserving and breeding healthy, sound Chihuahuas (and other dogs, of course!)

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