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A bit of frost can't keep Team Kitaco down.

Last week we were baking in the heat at Geraldine. This week the Kitaco Kids were freezing their little paws off in Dunedin at the Otago Kennel Association Shows.

Day 1, with frost still on the ground, Narci took the Best of Breed, Best Dog CC and Open of Breed in the Long Coat Chihuahuas, (the largest number of entries in the Toy Group after the 23 Cavs that were entered) under Canadian Judge, David Swartwood. His daughter Tara (#DontTouchMeTara) was very well behaved and took the Best Bitch CC, Reserve Best of Breed and Junior of Breed.

Not to be outdone by their Long-Coat teammates, Spenny and Delilah cleaned up in the Smooth Coats. Spencer took the Best of Breed, Best Dog CC and Intermediate of Breed while Delilah took the Best Bitch CC, Reserve Best of Breed and Junior of Breed.

In the Group line-up, the girls were knocked out by the Reserve of Group winner, but the boys did us very proud by taking Intermediate of Group (Spenny) and Open of Group (Narci).

Day 2 the frost was replaced by a bitingly cold wind. Under Canadian judge, Thomas Nesbitt, little #DontTouchMeTara charmed the judge, not only letting him actually touch her but running up to him for an extra pat at the end of her out-and-back, which totally won him over. Not surprisingly, she took the Best Bitch CC, and then went on to take the rest of the field with Best of Breed and Junior of Breed. Her daddy, Narci, had to settle for Best Dog CC, Reserve Best of Breed and Open of Breed.

Just before the Group judging, we had a team chat with the Kitaco Kids and pointed out that a) it's freezing, b) if anybody wins a Group we're going to be here all day and driving home in the dark, and c) it's freezing.

Fortunately, an Open and a Junior took the Group awards, knocking out Narci and the girls, so we had another chat to Spenny and told him it would be very nice if he gave someone else a chance at the Intermediate of Group title. He was very obliging and let the cute little Min Pin have it, which meant we were able to do the whole 4 hour drive in daylight. Love that our team is so considerate!

Shout out to our honarary Kitaco Team member this weekend, Reign (CheekyChi Reign of Terror (Imp Aus)) who had his very first outing as a Baby Puppy in Dunedin with his owner, Kathleen Lilleby. He knocked it out of the park, taking Baby Puppy of Breed on both days and only narrowly missing out on the Group..

Kyrie was meant to be entered, but we decided to leave her at home with the pet (and more importantly - neutered) boys. After teasing us for weeks, she's finally come into season, so she's not allowed to play with the stud boys now for the next little while.

The real winners of the weekend though were Jade, Jason and Justin, The Vegas Litter, who along with their ever-protective mum, Nikita, came along for the ride and got squillions of cuddles and admiring comments from everyone who met them. They also had a wonderful time at Kathleen's house, playing with Maggie the Poodle who thought they were just delightful.

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