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Welcome to the Flying Taco litter

Great news tinged with a little sadness, this evening, as we welcome #Don'tTouchMeTara's (NZ CH Kitaco's Divine Miss T at Eldivino) first litter with her very determined paramour, Taco (Gemchi Yum Yum Taco).

We're calling this the Flying Taco litter because that's how they were conceived. A couple of months ago, while Narci and Poco were busy posturng and grumbling at each other over the bitch in season, quiet little Taco - so sweet and unassuming - risked life and limb to jump from the top of the couch about a metre and a half into the isolation pen where his lady love was waiting.

We didn't see him take the flying leap, but we certainly got there in time to witness the smug look on his face when we arrived to investigate the racket only to find Tara's "don't touch me" policy did not extend to the handsome little guy prepared to risk a broken neck to demonstrate his love for her.

So, here we are, 59 days later and the litter planned for December has arrived. Tara delivered 4 strong, healthy babies, 2 girls and 2 boys, but sadly one the boys had a severe cleft palate. We sent him over the Rainbow Bridge before she got to know him, so she is happily looking after her other babies, none the wiser.

As usual, with Taco's babies we have an amazing colour palate with a brown and white parti-colour girl, a sable boy and a black and tan girl.

In honour of their brave, reckless and very aerodynamic father, they will be known as Kitaco's Holy Guacamole, call name Holly, Kitaco's Jappy Jalepeno (pronounced Happy Halepeno) call name Happy (until we think of something that suits him better), and Kitaco's Taco Tuesday, call name Alice (after our home town, Alice Springs).

Tara is proving to be a great mum, so far, although I think we're going to have to rename her #Don'tTouchMeOrMyBabiesTara. She's not planning to share these babies with anyone.

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