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Team Kitaco Chihuahuas all tuckered out after their huge Dogs Day Out

The Flying Tacos, Andre, Alice and Gracie, along with Loki, Nikita and Mexico, put in another appearance today, working forthe New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue Trust at the Dogs Day Out in the Zone.

The event was organized by the Christchurch City Council to promote the Richmond Community Gardens and the river zone as a great place to walk dogs.

Loki and Nikita flawlessly performed their assigned task of being awesome and showing people what great dogs Chihuahuas can be. Mexico went on strike and played dead, so we left him in the pen for the duration, which was exactly what he wanted.

The Flying Tacos we shamelessly employed as "cute bait" to draw people in and elicit donations for the Chihuahua Rescue.

They did their job brilliantly - being handed out for literally hundreds of cuddles to unsuspecting passersby looking to take their dogs for a walk through the gardens. The pups were happy and cheerful the whole time, in between playing with their little friend Dot, the dwarf Griffon (this is not marketing hype like "teacup" btw - Dot is medically suffering from dwarfism). Great for socialization for the pups and a sneaky way to raise money for Rascal the... ahem.."Chihuahua".

Rascal suffers from a shortened ulna and angular limb deformity on his right side. The Trust will be paying the medical costs of having this issue addressed via corrective surgery with Vetspecs and he has had 2 operations at the cost of around $12,000 to correct it.

If you are able to spare any funds to assist us with Rascal’s post-operative care, please see: the Give-A-Little page to make a donation

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