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All Hail the Miracle Mother- Kaley

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Well, what a week we've had. It all started Tuesday afternoon when Kaley (El-Toro Liv-In-Doll at Teddee) delivered 2 beautiful Narci (GR CH, GR JNR CH, CACIB, NZ CH Mystic Legion Narcissus) daughters, Zoe and Briar.

Meanwhile, waiting in the wings was first time mum, Alice (Kitaco Jappy Jalpeno), wih 4 more Narci babies on board. Apparently inspired by her sister-wife whelping her babies, she decided to pop 2 days later, instead of next Sunday, when she is actually due.

The fun of being a breeder - a 1 am emergency C-section, pups born early, a first time mother and no milk on board. But that's OK, sleep is vastly overrated anyway...

Our new mum, Alice, bless her, took one look at her four babies and said "NOPE". She has no milk and not a drop of maternal instinct. Those pups were little aliens and she didn't want to know them. At all.

We did not, however, anticiapte what would happen next.

The following morning, Kaley heard the pups squawling as we were gearing up for yet another 2-hourly tube feed (nobody had slept at all overnight). She began barking, and shaking and growling at us. and refused to settle down until we handed over the new puppies.

Maybe she thought we'd taken her other babies away, but whatever the case, she wanted them. She DEMANDED them. All of them. We put them in the whelping box with her and she just rolled over to feed them, licked them, toileted them and treated them just like her own 2 girls. She doesn't seem to notice she only had 2 to begin with and she is now the proud mama of 5 beautiful girls and 1 gorgeous boy.

Alice is thrilled. She is running around the house, happy as a clam that she can finally lick her butt again, and weirdly, she doesn't react at all, if she hears the babies squeaking.

We're still supplementing the pups, of course, to help Kaley out. 6 babies is a huge ask of little Chihuahua mum. But is she so happy feeding and mothering her new brood and as far as she's concerned they are all her babies and nobody is going to tell her otherwise.

We now have to break it to Narci that he is the proud father of another 5 girls and one really rather nice looking boy.

As for Alice... well, we may have to look into parenting classes.

Alice, Narci and sister-wife, Kaley


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