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It's National Dog Adoption Day!

Kitaco is proud to be an active supporter of the New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue, a registered charitable trust, run by entirely by very hardworking volunteers. We work with the NZCR to help fundraise and spread the message that while "adopt don't shop" is a worthy goal, responsible breeding for health over profit, would reduce the number of Chihuahuas that need rescuing in the first place.

We work very closely with the Trust. We donatie a portion of the sale of our puppies to. NZCR and Tracey volunteers all her time as a veternarian to treat the rescue dogs that come into NZCR's care, often afterhours. NZCR relies entirely upon donations and fundraising to rescue Chihuahuas, Chihuahua crosses, and other small breeds frequently mis-identified as Chihuahuas, from situations of neglect and abuse. They also take in dogs surrendered to the Trust (often for medical reasons), by loving owners unable to care for their beloved pet any longer, dogs unclaimed at the Pound, or otherwise requiring a new home.

To help the NZCR's wonderful wor,k, we are not above shamelessly luring potential foster carers, adopters and donors on National Dog Adoption Day to the NZCR's stall at Petstock in Northwood, by planting a couple of irresitiable puppies on the table next to Dottie the Dwarf Griffon & Pepper the Chihuahua, foster dogs, Bear and Cara, and the newest arrivals into care, Cooper (who is the sweetest thing ever) and little Taylor.

Sampson and Mia carried the flag for Kitaco and allowed us a chance to explain what responsible breeding means in return for treats and squillions of cuddles. Mia also took it upon herself to push all the adoption applications off the table every chance she got. We like to think she was trying to hand them out, not just trying to be rid of them in case someone thought she was up for adoption! Little Mia has a wonderful home in Australia waiting for her and this was her last official Kitaco engagement before flying out in a couple of weeks (she had to reach 1kg first to fly!)

It was a great day and our kids did their best to help. If you'd like help too, please donate to the NZCR, via their Givealittle page where you can make a donation or check out their website where you can read more about the amazing work they do.


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