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Mama Mia! Australia here I come!

Airline staff in Sydney having their complusory puppy hugs before allowing Mia to leave

It's been a long twelve weeks for Leslie and her family in Sydney, waiting for their puppy, Kitaco's Mia Rose, to reach a safe weight to fly. They have been following Mia's progress so closely as she grew from a little slug into the darling pup she is now at 12 weeks old and, of course, 1.01 kg. Their excitement about her arrival has been palpable from across the ditch.

Yesterday we delivered Mia to the wonderful people at Starpet Travel for her final check in before flying out in the wee small hours this morning to ensure she landed in Australia as early as possible before the heat of the day kicked in.

We are sad to see such an adorable little girl leave our home, but so thrilled for the fabulous life that awaits her with Leslie and Ian.

She is not going to a show home in Australia, but a fabulous pet home to an owner who researched 114 long-haired Chihuahua breeders in Australia and NZ before deciding on a Kitaco pup. In Leslie's words in her wonde4rful testimonial, "finding a breeder who does extensive testing on both the sire and the dam for eyes, heart, patella and DNA is rare. Having showed dogs to Best in Show and Runner up Best in Show with Golden Retrievers, obedience competitor to CD level, former obedience instructor and for the last 18 years with Papillons we are downsizing for the very last time so finding the right breeder was a high priority."

We cannot wait for Mia to settle in and follow her progress as she grows and are delighted to welcome Leslie and Ian into our Kitaco family.


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