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Meet the Auckland Chapter of the Kitaco Family

It's always a bit scary placing a puppy in a far away home. You know you've done everything you can to check up on the potential owners, you have a contract in place, they sound legit on the phone, you've Face-Timed them and they seem like nice people, but it's never quite the same as meeting them face to face.

It's the same for the new owners, too. They've done their research and decided we are the breeder for them. They've checked us out and we seem legit, but it's a lot of money to hand over for a cute puppy you haven't actually seen in the flesh when there are plenty of scammers out there, ready to fleece unsuspecting puppy buyers of their hard earned cash, with no care for the heartbreak they cause with their scams.

Imagine our mutual delight then, when a trip to Auckland by Tracey for the Kumeu Kennel Association Champ Show, meant we could get finally together with some of our Auckland clan, see how our babies have grown, get to meet the our babies' families and do a quick Health Check.

We are always checking on our babies as they grow, because although we DNA and health test our breeding dogs, there are countless generations of dogs behind our lines, where no health records were kept (or even cared about) by their breeders, so there remains a chance something unexpected might crop up, and we are always on the lookout.

Happy to report they all passed with flying colours, and the gang had a great time catching up. We are so thrilled to see our puppers, see how well they are cared for, and how lovely these North Island members of the Kitaco Family are in person. The Auckland Kitaco Family have their own little regular get-togethers now, and have all become firm friends.

Best of all was meeting the Kitaco Kids. Chihuahuas are notorious for not being good with children, but we are happy to report that our puppers are beloved family pets in many homes with young children and it was great to meet them too.

As for the shows - well, Ava took Reserve Best of Breed (handled by the delightful 7-year-old, Arvia Caldwell - the one in blue above) and Dave took Baby Puppy of Breed, so that was just the icing on the cake.


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