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Our Chihuahuas would be great at this!

In August last year, NZ Customs introduced four dual-trained dogs in Auckland and Wellington capable of detecting cash amounts of more than $10,000, as well as detecting drugs.

Since becoming fully operational, the five cash detecting dogs have sniffed out more than $2.5 million cash, including $385,000 detected during the initial pilot.

So, they don't have a cash sniffing dog in Christchurch, yet? We see an opportunity here!

We are going to have to train our Chihuahuas to sniff out large amounts of cash.

Trouble is we need a large pile of cash for the training, so if you happen have a spare $10,000+ pile of small, unmarked bills of varying currencies with non-consequitive serial numbers laying about the house for perfectly legal, non-suspicious-at-all reasons, please contact us regarding pick up, so we can get this training started.

Can the handler keep any cash their dogs sniffs out?

Asking for a friend.


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