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Ren's Letter Home

Dear Mum

Sorry I haven’t written before now. I’ve been having a great time with my new friends and kinda forgot. Your present arrived today so I thought I should let you know how I’m going at Kitaco Kollege.

Everyone here is really nice. Nana Jenny gives me belly rubs every morning when she wakes me up and Aunty Tracey gives me lots of cuddles every day, yummy food and I get a chicken neck at bedtime. Every. Single. Night. It’s awesome!

I have lots of new friends. Uncle Loki is nice and Uncle Fat Freddie is a bit grumpy, but Kyrie and Delilah are fun to play with, although Aunty Nikita tells us off if we get too rough around the littlies.

My best friend is Narci. He is showing me how to be brave and how to act like a real man. It involves barking and running around in circles and then more barking. I’m really good at it. He and the other kids have shown me how not to be scared when I meet strange people. Everyone who comes here loves cuddles so there is always plenty to go around. I am so brave now I’ve figured out how easy it is to get a cuddle if you wag your tail and cock your head just so…

I’ve met a really nice girl named Tara. She’s super cute and she’s really into me. I can’t wait for you to meet her too. We’ve talked about having a family, and Narci’s been giving me pointers so I have to tell you that we have taken our relationship to the next level and I’m a man now. Hope you’re OK with that because I love Tara and we are going to be together forever-ish.

Not much else to tell. Thanks for the emu. Aunty Tracey put it in my bed so the others don’t get it which is nice because it smells like you.

I can’t wait to see you again in a couple of months and show you everything I’ve learned.




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