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Rescue Fundraising - Kitaco Cuddles for Cash

Blew off a boring old dog show yesterday for a chance to help out the NZ Chihuahua Rescue. We took the usual Cuddle Crew - Loki, Freddie, Poco, Nikita, Mexico, Delilah, Sampson and Alice - along with the Stalker litter, Peyton, Indie, Shiloh and Benny, some adorable rescues plus Spenny and Pepper, and traded cuddles for cash (a gold coin donation, actually) to raise money for the trust at the Swannanoa Fair.

The stall was a huge hit and the busiest one in the whole fair. These photos were taken just after the fair opened. Not long after it was so deep in people lining up for cuddles, you could barely see the stall.

We love helping the NZCR and having the puppies available for cuddles is a great way to lure people in and get them talking about Chihuahuas and the great work the NZCR does. This was the last chance to get the pups out for a socialisation visit too (hence the reason we blew off the dog show). It is such a critical time in their social development that we would have been crazy to pass up the opportunity for them to meet and interact so happily with literally hundreds of people.

So proud of our babies who were perfectly behaved and the absolute stars of the whole show. It was a wonderful experience for them.

Hope the rest of the day goes as well. We start crate training tonight in anticipation of our babies heading off to their new families soon, so that could be fun. We have some very excited people who have been waiting anxiously for weeks for their fur-babies to be old enough to leave home, and we want to make the trip to their new homes as stress free as possible.


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